North American Review


So very pleased,and grateful for the moving review from Editor, Vince Gotera of North American Review, Spring, 2014–Here are a few highlights:

“Cynthia Atkins’s “In The Event of Full Disclosure” displays the quiet horrors of family, not merely of a family, but family in general, all of our families.

Perhaps this book speaks to me particularly as the child of a schizophrenic father and of a mother who was just trying to make everything all right on a daily basis,moment by moment. But no, I think if speaks to all of us about everyday lives, about surviving and thriving, moment by moment… Atkins gives us a brave book that peels away the veneer and reveals how art can save if pursued with relentless, even if hidden, ardor. Read this book; you’ll be amazed.”—VG, NAR

*NAR issue order here, look at the header & see some of the company (the oldest journal still in print, est 1820 *Note: Two on the header and one getting her book reviewed in an ‘ol’ ‘white boy insty’–Kudos to NAR for moving into the 21c w/ gravitas and diversity—also addressing mental health–cha-ching! So proud to be here!


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